Energy Bill Validation 

One of the most time-consuming and costly errors that is common among businesses today is incorrect billing. One in five business energy bills contain errors, according to Energy Live News, and these mistakes are costing firms around £500 million on their energy bills.

While one might imagine that energy companies have the resources to follow up and correct these inconsistencies, this is simply not the case. Over £200 million in penalties have been imposed by Ofgem on energy companies since 2010, due to late, inaccurate bills and mishandling customer service. Businesses are on their own to wade through piles of utility invoices and incompetent customer service to claim refunds for inconsistent billing.

Affiliated Utilities is here to change that.

We understand that monitoring and managing inaccurate utility invoices is a lengthy and time-consuming process, and we provide a service that removes that burden. With our Bill Validation software, we allow you to focus on building your business, while we take care of the details. 

An audit of your last six years energy bills may allow you to
claim back from suppliers any over payments.

You could be owed a significant amount!

How energy bill validation works

Utilizing your company’s invoice components, our software highlights discrepancies by reviewing and recalculating each component of the invoice. In addition, the software highlights higher or lower-than-usual usage, picking up on missing meter readings and incorrect invoices. We then work as an extension of your team by dealing directly with suppliers to resolve these errors and refund the money that you are owed.

We tailor this service to your business’s unique requirements, and therefore offer many personalized features to serve you best.

Here is how we can help you

General Management

  • Process all utility invoices (managing all EDI files or paper invoices received from the supplier)
  • Verify meter readings against utility bills
  • Constantly receive data directly from data collectors to compare against invoices

Verifications & Checks

  • Rate comparison- ensuring charges correspond with the contract
  • Confirm correct meter serial on bill
  • VAT Checks
  • KVA Capacity checks
  • Confirm correct discount application
  • Update changes in contract or COT
  • Usage tolerance verification
  • Verify historical billing data

Funds Recovery

  • Bill tracking- following duplicate, overdue or missing bills
  • Liaise with utility suppliers in case of inconsistencies
  • Recover funds from utility suppliers

Affiliated Utilities works across a range of key industries in both the private and public sectors, from large scale residential buildings through to retail centres, business parks, office blocks and industrial space. We are fully independent of any supplier, we have access to real time energy market data, prices and reports, and we can manage your renewal process from start to finish.

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