energy management

Managing your energy provision – so you don’t have to

Affiliated Utilities will provide you with greater control over your energy management, usage and bills. We will:

If you are a public sector organisation subject to current EU procurement regulations for supply of water, electricity and gas, we have the specialist knowledge and expertise to administer tender processes as simply and efficiently as possible.

You can only achieve energy-efficiency gains for your business by accurately measuring your usage. 

Affiliated Utilities  can undertake full energy audits and come up with the right solutions for your business. Our energy audits will give you clarity of thought and a clear pathway to achieving greater energy efficiency and reducing operating costs.

With our strong and trusted relationships with suppliers, we can often recover unnecessary costs from previous bills too.

Our ongoing energy management services provide you with a range of tools to monitor energy consumption and help you make savings either by changing suppliers, entering into contract re-negotiations, using smarter metering technology or reducing existing usage.

We also have expertise in resolving complex account reconciliations, rebilling queries or cross-site energy consumption accounting issues.

We provide you with easy-to-follow monthly consumption reports including:

The Affiliated Utilities team will keep you at the forefront of the energy industry and comply with regulations from the government or the EU.

We can undertake compliance reviews and make recommendations to ensure your business is compliant with a range of energy benchmarks, including:

There are several benefits of undertaking a full audit of your business’s carbon footprint, not least that it can lead to cost efficiencies when you have established the causes of CO2 emissions.

Our reports will show you where you can take specific measures to reduce carbon generation. This innovative approach to energy data management can result in the adoption of new procedures or the introduction of renewable technologies which have a positive effect on your business’s bottom-line profitability.

We undertake carbon emission analyses and reports for individual commercial locations or for organisations with multiple sites and premises, with data that can be supplied to the CRC registry.

We also provide London Stock Exchange carbon reduction reports, so if you are a listed company, you can demonstrate that you meet the relevant legislation to reduce carbon emissions.