Meter installation

When it comes to meter installation, Affiliated Utilities offers you the gold standard for your project management.

We provide business owners with one approachable contact to complete the job in the most efficient way possible – determining your needs before beginning the job. 

We will coordinate all the necessary functions involved in full meter installation, and will liaise with:

  • Network operators
  • Suppliers
  • Meter operators
  • Third-party contractors

So why Affiliated Utilities?

  • Experience with large variety of clients
    We have extensive experience dealing with a wide variety of clients, including those in residential developments, housing, retail and manufacturing.
  • Variety of project sizes
    We oversee a variety of project sizes and will manage any project, from single supply to multiple services.
  • Best value of your money
    We are entirely independent of the meter suppliers and will therefore offer you excellent choice and best value.

Our services include

Project manage the entire process

Meter upgrades/downgrades

Supply diversions

Housing Developments

Substation Installs

Communal & district heating

hot water metering and HIU installations, including credit billing and pay-as-you-go options.