Water Services

An open water market gives you a chance for a better deal, no matter where you are based.

You can now seek more competitive prices, more accurate water metering and better customer service.

Water contract negotiation

Our team of market analysts are ready to negotiate a contract based on your actual water consumption requirements:

  • Demand-led water contract negotiation
  • Checking current supplier for invoice validation
  • Market analysis and recommendation of suitable suppliers
  • Sourcing competitive deals and innovative, tailored contracts
  • Tendering process for all clean and waste water supply contracts

Negotiate a water contract to protect you bottom line

Water bill analysis

Affiliated Utilities are experts in management of commercial water consumption and minimising costs. We will support you with:

  • Forensic analysis and audit of all water bill data
  • Detection of overcharging or unnecessary additions
  • Revenue recovery and cancellation or reduction of water supplier charges
  • Accurate and timely meter reading and detection, and repair of leaks
  • Smart water metering devices
  • Bespoke water limiting solutions
  • Water recycling equipment and harvesting techniques
  • Switching to new suppliers for better rates or contract terms