Your operations must run at the highest level of efficiency, otherwise you could be losing a precious competitive advantage.

The first step in cutting your energy costs is to fully understand your energy usage.
The good news is that we have all the expertise and technical know-how to advise you. Even if your bills appear huge, the opportunities to shrink them are just as significant.

Affiliated Utilities will pick up any red flags through efficiency testing and will use data to provide you with a heat map disclosing any areas of concern. We can also provide you with an assessor who will come on ground to test and advise you best.


Does this sound familiar?

  • We have a massive amount of usage and need to identify where we can make changes
  • We don’t have the time and resources to deal with it
  • We don’t understand our bills
  • We need to find the best deal on the market
  • We run on out-of-contract rates and are unaware until it's too late
  • We don’t understand the market

Affiliated Utilities is proud to offer you the solutions you need. You will get complete transparency as well as in-depth and clear communication. We will service any issue throughout your contract and keep a close eye on absolutely everything.

We offer you
  • Procurement and damage limitation.
  • Energy bill validation
  • Personable, constant communication.
  • Evolution of pricing and market insight.
  • Gas and electrics chart
  • Full market insight and explanation
  • Optimal alerts at time of renewal, ensuring the best rate, and that you’ll never fall out of contact.

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"As a manufacturer we can't afford any surprises, we need our utilities to be looked after by a safe pair of hands. And I am delighted to say that Affiliated Utilities is that safe pair of hands."

Jonanthan Straight - CEO